Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Thursday Blog Hop Day!

Welcome to 'Today A Year Ago' Thursday Blog Hop

Lets go down memory lane! Every Thursday, come join us in 'Today A Year Ago'!
Lets remember what happened 'Today A Year Ago'. It can be something you posted on your blog a year ago, a memory or, even better, a photo taken a year ago!

Here is my "Year Ago" post: It wasn't quite to the day, but I had just had a baby and was suffering from body image issues. Take a trip down my memory lane, but be sure to post in this blog post a link to your post or picture or describe in a comment something that was going on with you a year ago today.


It's all simple:

  • Follow your hosts: From PDX with Love, Mommy Only Has Two Hands, and It Keeps Gettig Better (we will follow you back)

  • Grab the button and post it in your blog.

  • Come back and add your link to your post.

  • Visit as many blogs as you can. And remember to leave some love. Comments are like food for us!

  • And the most important thing:



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