Monday, October 11, 2010


I've been a bit Obsessive!

So lately I have been obsessed. I mean really indulging in trying to get my Etsy Store up off the ground and in the process taking every little bit of free time I have to sew. I mean every bit of free time. And in the process I have not been enjoying the process. Hunky Hubs pointed out that he wanted me to do it for fun. And if he's not panicked by our financial situation, why should I be right? I have always been good with money since having a parent who was always in a lot of debt. So I chose to not follow in the same footsteps and I have what is considered good debt. Student loans and car payments are good debts in my book, or Home Loans..all good debts. Credit Card debt...bad debt. Anyway....we recently bought a bedroom set and well you know how much those cost right? We are very very happy with our purchase, but its still something that I feel should be paid off before using my card again...and well there's that whole Christmas thing coming up.

Anyway, Hunky Hubs told me he didn't want me stressing out and to just do it for fun. So I'm trying to do that.  And in fact I did not spend my lunch hour, aka nap time sitting in front of the sewing machine today. I took a break. But it doesn't mean I wont be back at it soon....but only as long as I enjoy it. I think if I we really need the income, it should come from watching another child in my home because its more consistent than staring at the unsold items on my Etsy shop page.

At any has slapped me in the face once again and has told me to get a grip on reality and just enjoy my family. Enjoy my little one and the other little ones and not stress. History proves that when I stress I get sick. I get physically ill for weeks at a time and I don't want that happening this time.

So I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee and writing this from a calmer perspective. My Etsy Shop is for fun!! Just fun. I hope you enjoy the items I've listed, but if not I encourage you to support work at home moms or other Etsy Shop Owners because really there are some cool things you can find and I just might do all my Christmas shopping this year via Etsy.


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