Saturday, October 02, 2010


Sleepless Nights in Parentville

This week has been rough for both the hubby and me. Hunky Hubs had to go to work early Wednesday morning and had to wake up at 4:30 for some big hospital project. Well he went to bed early. I stayed up late to sew. These days staying up late means staying up til 11:30. HA HA!! I'm a parent don't bust my balls. We normally go to bed around 10:30.

At any rate I do my usual check on J before I slip into bed and he seemed just fine. But somehow in the middle of the night he had throw up and I never heard. Since Hunky Hubs had left so early when he checked on J, it was still dark and he missed all the throw up in his crib. So me reveling in the fact J was sleeping in. I did not go in to disturb him. I quietly walk down stairs, start my coffee and have a little bit of me time before I hear him stirring.

When I head in his room I was thinking "what the heck is on the back of his head?" He was standing in his crib looking out the window. He had thrown up every where and it was matted and dried on the back of his head and down his shirt and body. I then felt so horrible I never heard him in the middle of the night. I forgot to turn on the monitor last night. He has been sleeping thru the night for 6 plus months turning on the monitor isn't something I think about generally anymore, but this time I wish I had.

See Hunky Hubs has this fan that is on full blast six inches from his face and all other noise can get droned out. So he could have cried and I didn't hear it, or he may have just falled back to sleep.

He was acting particularly clingy that day so I knew he wasn't feeling too well. But he'd play fine at times. So I chalked it up to some fluke thing that made his stomach upset.

The second night he didn't throw up, but Thursday night he did. He woke up screaming and it was just everywhere and so overwhelming! There have been several moments in my life as a parent where I have been frozen with an overwhelming feeling of what the heck do I do now. That was one of those moments. The first time I ever had this moment. My husband had returned to work and it was my first day alone with J. I was changing his diaper and he shot poop all over me and the carpet. I stood there frozen, then I just cried...blame the hormones and being 2 weeks postpartum.  This was one of those frozen moments.

Thankfully Hunky Hubs comes running in and we both stand there frozen. So at least I had a partner who was feeling the same way I was feeling at 12:30am.

Hunky Hubs gets the brilliant idea to go start the shower and put him in it. In my un-awake mind I was going to use a million wet wipes on him. Don't ask, my head was not on straight. He smelled so horrible of vomit an instant bath was the only thing to do. Of course he's bawling and very upset. As soon as the shower situation is handled with Hunky Hubs handling that end. I relectantly calculate the damage in the crib and J's room. The bedding had to immediately be washed. The bumpers and the floor got it too. YUCK!

Everything goes right in the washer accept the bumper which wouldn't fit in that load. Then I head back in the bathroom to towel off a crying baby while Hunky Hubs did a recheck of his room. We get him calmed down and redressed and lay him in our bed with towels underneath us. It reminded me of my nursing days when J's spit ups were like a sour milk fondue fountain. Nothing like warm partially digested spit up in your arm pit right?
So yesterday he spend part of the next day laying with me on the couch watching Little Einsteins and he even let me watch a Gilmore Girls too.  

Then last night I was praying we didn't have a repeat of the night before and thankfully we didn't. I don't think J had enough to eat all day to contribute to any throwing up. So lets just hope this bug is over and that the reason I feel nauseated and have body aches right now is not because I am catching this bug. I don't  think anyone will be willing to hold my hair back as I'm praying to the porcelain god.

So come on moms lets have your vomit stories! We all have em huh? :)

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