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The Dan-e Challege Review and Giveaway!

These are the five winners in no particular order:
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Malena for Comment 69!
Miss Yingling for Comment 60
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Nathania for Comment 23!
mimilovesall8  For Comment 43!

Thank you to all who participated!! 

So I was given an opportunity to take the Dan-e Challenge and while at first I was skeptical because I didn't want to consume anything in a vitamin form that was so new to the market or possibly not FDA regulated. There are currently no vitamin supplements that are FDA regulated, so I wanted to make sure the ingredients were as natural as they come, and they are. Dan-e is an all natural herb and nutrient blend. When asked to take the challenge, I first googled Dan-e to see if there was any negative press associated with the product. If I'm gonna put anything in my body and do a review or giveaway for it, I want to know how it has affected other people first. I set up google alerts to recieve news and info on it for a week before I accepted the challenge and to my relief found nothing negative about Dan-e. So I wanted to disclose this information first before I go ahead with my review.

I was given 8 weeks of Dan-e to try and told that after the first 2 weeks I would start to notice an energy boost. I have tried Dan-e for 5 weeks and I can say with confidence that I believe I have noticed an energy boost. I've never gotten into any sexual details on this blog before, so I'm not going to now, but I'm gonna say that my husband is happy with my current state of friskiness. No this is not viagra, this has no un-natural ingredience. Everything in Dan-e is natural and Dan-e was founded by a gynocologist who had post pregnancy or menopausal women in mind. For me its post pregnancy. Raise your hand if your desire to have sex after having a baby wasn't some what diminished? For me that lasted for about a year...then slowly started to come back. And now after being half way thru my Dan-e challenge, I can say I feel like my pre-pregnancy hormones have definitely made a come back. I feel more spunky and I think its helped in the working out area too.

My friend Tiffany and I have this challenge to get bathing suit bodies by June. (If you've been reading my blog, then you already know that) We try to work out 3 days a week and during each work out we get about 2 hours of cardio and muscle building in. I'm still not the best runner, but I feel like I can run longer.

So Dan-e didn't want to just award 1 of my readers this awesome 8 week challenge, they want to give 5 of my readers this opportunity. I can definitely say if you stick to it, you'll notice a difference, or at least a cleaner house! LOL! :)

Here are the contest rules:
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Contest Ends Thursday December 30th.

*Note* If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or considering becoming pregnant, please consult with your doctor before use.


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