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Kiki's Maternity Fashions

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Raise your hand if you think maternity clothes are so hard to come by, especially clothes that flatter that baby bump of yours and don't make you look like an elephant? When I was pregnant with my son, all the maternity stuff in the maternity sections of department stores were so ugh, not attractive, they accentuated my butt, which is accentuated enough, or were just too plain, didn't show any style....So I actually would shop at Charlotte Russe when those empire cut tops were in style to try and stay up to date on the style. Then of course as soon as the baby bump was gone I had to pack away all the clothes.

When Kiki's Maternity Fashions asked me to do a review and giveaway I was thinking...hmmm how could I review this when I'm not pregnant, well not yet anyway....but I went to their store and was enthralled with the style and all the cute tops and dresses! I chose this amazing red printed ruffle sleeve dress. If you think that is cute, you have to check out the other ones!

 So when they sent me the dress I wore it to church on sunday and felt amazing in it. I just love that I can wear it pregnant or not. This means you don't have to pack away your maternity clothes until the next baby, you can wear them all year long!

Now Kiki's Maternity Fashions also sells some awesome maternity jeans, I don't have the bump to sport them, but thought they were so cute and they will be a must for me in the future!! So you'll have to check those out too because toward the end of my pregnancy now matter how hard I tried I just could not sport regular jeans even with a belly band over it, the buttons showed through and the only ones I could find were not flattering in the least.

This dress washed well, but it is made of thin stretchy type material. Wash it on knits and delicates with like colors. Can be washed in the dryer but hang up immediate because it tends to wrinkle with the thin material. I believe this dress or another item from Kiki's Maternity Fashions is a must have!

This is me wearing the pretty red dress!
 Isn't it pretty!
Don't you want one? 

Here is how you can get it: 

Or you can win a $25 gift card for Kiki's Maternity Clothes. 
Here are the contest rules!
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Contest will end on March 2nd 2011 at 12:00pm AZ time.

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