Thursday, March 24, 2011


Are you a Rude Blog Hopper?

I recently realized how rude I was being while blog hopping. Now let me say I normally don't do this, but this time I was in a hurry, ready to walk out the door, so my comment was a bit hurried while visiting a person's blog for the first time.

Normally, I read the person's post before I comment letting them know that I am following them and how they can follow me back, and I usually always mention something in their current post. This time, I scanned thru all the posts on this person's main page, found nothing interesting to comment on, as many blogs tend to be about coupons, or sales, or well not personal at all. I sometimes don't know how to relate to blogs like that, since I tend to read personal stories. I don't get into deal blogs much, as there is no grit to them. Anyway I scanned thru and thought this was that kind of blog, but I proceeded to follow, and leave a comment telling this person where they could follow back.

My comment was short and sweet! "Hi I found you at such and such blog hop, I would love for you to follow back." Well this comment was greeted by an email about how this person was deleting my comment since it did not relate to the post at hand. The post at hand was a topic on fashion trends of which honestly, since I don't leave my house except for on the weekends to run errands and go to church, I really don't care much about, maybe I will when I enter the 9-5 work day again. But her point was correct. How many people have left you comments on a heartfelt blog post you took the time to write, and all they say is "Hey, I'm following you, follow back"? They don't read the post, they are just seeking a follower. Its happened to me, I'm sure its happened to you.

There is nothing wrong with seeking a follower, but I say do it with tact. Do it mentioning something in their current blog post, then tell them where they can follow you back. Yes we all want to be followed, but we don't just blog to have no one read what we have written do we? So I say lets get back to some internet etiquette and leave some meaningful comments when we blog hop.

Now I do have to say that if you are a frequent blog hopper, you do it all the time or every day, please set aside a dedicated post for someone to just pop in and say, "hey I'm following you, I will come back and read your blog when I have the opportunity". If you can't set aside a designated post, make a page that is separate from your blog posts just for collecting comments from people who are new followers. I think doing that will help blog hoppers feel more welcome, and will also help make sure that only "meaningful comments" are left on posts.

Do you have any other blog hopping pet peeves, or advice?

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