Saturday, March 12, 2011


Things Never Do Get Dull With Kids Do They?

So as my son turns two this week, he decided to let mommy know what is ahead of me in the world of toddlerdum and well maybe "boydum" yep, that's a new word, going in my dictionary.  You never hear of little girls putting rocks in their ears or shoving things up their nose right? That just doesn't happen with girls I don't think...

Anyway, this morning started like any other morning. Chaotic at times, under control at other times. As some of you know I watch a few kids in my home, and one little guy (an infant) comes over very early in the morning. First thing in the morning is usually dedicated to the baby that arrives at my house shortly after J wakes up. He needs a bit of attention before I set him up in a walker or on a blanket and make J's breakfast. So instead of eggs this morning, I just wasn't in the mood to cook them, J gets yogurt and toast. He eats, we get him changed, and then CB comes shortly after that, who sometimes eats breakfast here, sometimes doesn't. CB gets here and suddenly J wants his morning milk shake since CB was drinking her bottle, guess my breakfast will just have to come later, just like everything else. Even peeing, comes later! LOL!! So I make his milk shake, set him on the couch, then I'm totally excited to heat up a hot pocket for breakfast. Breakfast of champions right?

No sooner do I get it unwrapped and pop it in the microwave and sit down at my laptop to check out a few tweets do I hear "MAMMA!!" I look over and see blood gushing out of my child's face and I have no idea why. It didn't look like he had fallen, he was standing holding his sippy cup. I set it down to look at him and blood just keeps pouring. I panic and run him to the bathroom but grab my phone because I'm not sure if I'm gonna need to call 911 or not. I grab the bathroom towel to try and wipe away the blood that now looks like he painted all over his face and of course I'm not thinking, I'm thinking did he bite his tongue? WHAT? So I call my husband at work. I do the two rings, and hang up thing just in case he's in a meeting. It just tells him its serious at home and to call me back when he can. He calls back right away as I'm craddling my bawling boy and talks me thru a pretty "DUH" type momment. Duh, he was holding his straw sippy cup and the blood was obviously coming out of his nose, if I had just stopped to really pay attention. Putting two and two together, my two year old shoved his straw sippy cup up his nose. I was relieved. I've seen horror stories of kids knocking teeth out and just recently I read a blog post about a little girl who nearly bit her tongue off from being headbutted by her brother, a straw up the nose, not so bad. But in the moment as my son was screaming and crying, all I could do was cry too because my kid was bleeding profusely. He finally calmed down when I started talking to his daddy on the phone, but it still kept bleeding off and on all day. 

I can't imagine how much of a basket case I'll be when/if he brakes a bone!!! ~Shudder~


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